Sunday, September 28, 2008

CVS Trip September 28th

As you can tell from my lack of posts lately I have been slacking on my coupon shopping. I gotta say, when I am nauseous clipping and organizing coupons does not rank high on my list of things I have to do. Now that I am finally starting to feel better I am going to try and put more effort into couponing. I really see a difference in our grocery spending when I don’t use my coupons. I started my day off buy going to CVS. I broke up my trip into two transactions. Transaction #1 3 12 pks Dr. Pepper (Reg. $4.79 each, Sale 4/$13) 1 12 pk Diet Coke (Reg. $4.79, Sale 4/$130 Total was $13. I used a $10 ECB and paid $3 OOP. I got back $3 ECB’s. Transaction #2 2 kids Colgate Toothpaste (Reg. $3.29, Sale $2.50 - .75Q’s = $1.75 each) Gillette Fusion Razor (Reg. $9.99 - $4 Q = $5.99) Cover Girl Foundation ($5.49 - $1 Q = $4.49) Dog treats (Reg. $.99, Clearance .09) 5 bottles Miracle bubbles (Reg. $.99, Clearance .09 each) Table Cloth (Reg. $1.99, Clearance .14) Wacky Water toy (Reg. $1.99, Clearance .19) I used a $3 ECB and a $4.99 ECB and paid $7.70 OOP. I earned back $2 ECB for buy two Colgate toothpastes, $5 ECB for the Gillette Razor and $5.49 ECB for the Cover Girl foundation. I was very excited to see all the clearance items. My son loves bubbles so we should be stocked up for awhile.

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