Sunday, May 8, 2011

Menu Plan- May 8th - 14th

This week I make my menu plan around things I could cook on the grill. It is finally starting to get nice so it is the perfect time to start cooking out.

French toast & bacon
hard boiled eggs and yogurt parfaits
cereal/oatmeal X 2
whole wheat blueberry muffins and smoothies
breakfast burritos pancakes and strawberries

Eat Out for Mother's Day
Left overs X 4
roast beef sandwich, chips and fruit
eat out after birthday party

Husband making something for Mother's Day dinner
Hot dogs, creamy corn salad
Perfect burger, grilled new potatoes with red pepper crust
Grilled Balsamic Skirt Steak, tomato-videlia, blue cheese salad
Sausage, ranch pasta salad
Grilled chicken with homestyle bbq sauce, corn on the cob, garden skewers
Eat at a birthday party

Smith's Trip May 8th

Total Spent $70.03
Total Saved $102.09
Percentage Saved: 59%
I went to do my regular weekly grocery shopping this morning and grabbed several more mega sale items. I got 10 more bags of chips (we are stocked for the summer), 10 boxes of Mom's Best Naturals cereal, 2 pkgs yogurt drinks, mayo, lunch meat, 2 Capri Suns, 2 Kraft BBQ sauce and 2 Kraft Temptations. I also picked up 10 bags of Kraft shredded cheese for $.99/bag.

Free in the Mail this week

This week in the mail I received a sample of EOS hand lotion and two $1 off coupons. I also received a coupon for a free bottle of Suave Professionals. I love opening the mailbox to find free goodies.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Yard Sales May 7th

I went to a community yard sale and came home with a bunch of goodies. For $18 I bought everything in the picture. My favorite find was the Adirondack chairs. I have wanted some for a long time but just couldn't spend the money. I got these for $3 each and am going to refinish them. I came home with the two chairs, a Dracula light (for my son), 3 books, a hot wheels track, wizard hat, basket, Gap shorts, jacket, 10 pots, a kids gardening set, a ceramic bowl, glass jar, 2 make-up bags and a rolling pin decoration that holds recipe cards.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Smith's Trip May 4th

Smith's is having another Mega Sale this week. This is the sale where you buy 10 participating items and save $5. I made a quick trip on my way to MOPS this morning to grab some items that we are out of. We recently discovered Mom's Best Naturals cereal and love it.
Total Spent $2.30
Total Saved $42.50
Percentage Saved: 94%
10 Boulder Canyon chips (Reg. $1.79, Sale $1.49 - .50 mega sale - $1Q = .01 profit)
10 Mom's Best Naturals Cereal (Reg. $2.69, Sale $1.49 - .50 mega sale - .75Q = .24)