Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fry's Trip October 27th

I know it has been a long time since I posted. We are being relocated to another state for my husbands job so we have been doing a lot of eating from our stockpile and not much shopping the last month and a half. My plan was to hold off on posting until after the move so I can post my finds as I rebuild our stockpile. After a quick run to Fry's this morning for milk and stamps I just couldn't old in my excitement. Fry's is running a sale where you buy 4 granola bar type items and you save $4 which leaves them $1.57 a box. I had some coupons for the granola bars and nut clusters so I decided to grab a few while I was there.
Guess how much I paid for the items below?
Well we know it is at least $8.80 since I bought stamps...$9.03. So basically I paid .23 for everything else. I was so excited. I already have it all in boxes ready for our move (except the milk).
I may not post again for 2-3 weeks unless I find some smokin deals. Until then...have a great Halloween!!