Saturday, July 31, 2010

Smith's Trip July 31st

We are pretty well stocked up on food since I have been doing once a month cooking but there were a few good deals I couldn't pass up. The stores here don't double coupons very often but for 4 days Smith's is doubling all coupons to a dollar. That made for some really good deals.
45 cans tuna fish (Reg. $.75, Sale $.50 - $1/5Q = 45 cans for $13.50)
Kroger black pepper (Reg. $1.69, Sale $1.39)
C & H Sugar (Reg. $3.99, Sale $2.49)
2 Kroger Cheese (Reg. $2.79, Sale $1.50)
Speed Stick Deodorant (Reg. $1.59, Sale $.88 - .50Q doubled to .88 = FREE)
9 Crest Toothpaste (Reg. $2.39, Sale $1 - .50Q doubled to $1 = FREE)
3 dozen eggs (Reg. $1.29, Sale $.79 each)
Fast Fixin Chicken Nuggets (Reg. $1.99, Sale $1 - $1Q = FREE)
I paid $23.19 OOP and saved $51.07 which is 69%.

Yard Sales July 31st

I headed out this morning to hit a couple yard sales. I was very excited to find two cook books (one is Williams-Sonoma) and some Wilton cupcake liners all for $5. I also found a couple air duct things that we can use to build robots for my sons birthday party. It was a slow day but still fun to get out by myself.

CVS Trip July 31st

I realized this morning that I had a coupon expiring today for a free bottle of Suave shampoo or conditioner. Since I had yet to do the Kotex deal I headed over to CVS. My youngest son also threw his toothbrush in the toilet this morning so I had to pick one up today as well. Boys!! Kotex Tampons (Reg. $5.29, Sale $4.99 - $1 CVS Q = $3.99, Earn $4.99 ECBs) Oral B toothbrush (Reg. $2.99, Sale $1.49) Suave conditioner (Reg. $2.69 - $3 free coupon = overage of $.31) I paid $1.99 ECBs and $3.89 OOP. I earned back $5.99 ECBs. $4.99 for the Kotex and $1 for my green bag tag.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Target Toy Clearance

Today was the day that my Target marked down their toys to 75% off. I was there when they opened at 8 AM, boys in tow. Target marks down a lot of their toys twice a year, in January and July, to make room for the new toys. This is when I buy about 95% of my Christmas and Birthday gifts for my boys, the cousins and to add to my birthday party stash. I keep a big tub full of toys and when we get a birthday invite I pick out several age appropriate toys and then let the boys "go shopping" for the gift they want to give. It saves a lot of time, money and stress. Here is what we got today. It is $445 worth of toys and I paid $119.66 including tax. We had a lot of fun today and I am now looking forward to January when we can do it again.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Save Mart Trip July 28th

Save Mart is having a great sale on selected Kellogg's items. They are on sale for $2.77. When you buy 10 you get an instant $10 off your purchase making them $1.77. Then at the end of your transaction it spits out a $10 cat to use on your next purchase. There have been several coupons out for these items which makes the deal even better. After the instant $10 off and coupons I paid $13.45 and got back a $10 cert. $3.45 for 10 items isn't bad.

The finished Robot

The finished Robot

Making a Robot

One of my favorite things to do is plan my boys birthday parties. I enjoy it so much that I actually start about 11 months before the actual party. Partly I do this so I can pick up things for cheap and partly because I enjoy it. It keeps my mind busy. For my oldest sons 5th birthday we decided on a Robot party. His birthday isn't until next February but we have already started working on it. Last week we made our first robot. We picked up a few items at Home Depot for less then $5. I am looking for more items at yard sales but decided to try out our first one so we know what to expect.
Here is the things we used to make the robot
The robot is put together. Next we will paint him all silver.