Sunday, January 31, 2010

Smith's Trip January 31st

I got a couple hours alone this morning so headed over to Smith's to stock up on a few items. I have already done my weekly shopping trip so this one was just for stocking up on items we use a lot. I got 10 bottles Sobe, 8 packages of shredded cheese, 2 blocks of cheese, 9 cans tomatoes, 3 cans Rotel, mustard, bananas, milk, apple juice 8 boxes of Capri Sun, Raisin Bran, 2 bags Goldfish, 3 muffin mixes, lunch meat, butter, 2 jars mayo and 2 bags of dog treats. I spent $35.69 and saved $83.50 which was 70%.

CVS Trip January 31st

CVS has the Dove Men + Care items for $5.49 get $5.49 ECB this week. While I was picking up the Dove products I noticed a table with clearance items on it. The Gillette shampoo was on clearance for $1.25. I had a coupon for $1 that expired today so I picked that up too. I paid using the $10 ECB from the Pepsi deal and $2.17 OOP. I got back $10.98 ECB.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

CVS Trip January 30th

This will be my first post since we moved. I had high hopes of getting to our new town and being the coupon queen. However, when we got here I found out they don’t double coupons. It was a huge disappointment. After a couple months of stomping my feet and pouting I decided to get back in the game. I ran to CVS tonight to pick up a couple things before the Pepsi sale ended.
6 cases Pepsi (Reg. $5.19 each, Sale 6 for $20, Earn $10 ECB) 2 Oust Surface and Air (Reg. $3.99 each – B1G1Q = 2/$3.99, Earn $3 ECB each) 1 Gillette Shave Gel ($4.29, Sale $2.15 - $1.50Q) I used a $5 off $20 coupon I got in the paper and paid using $16 ECB and $4.29 OOP and earned back $16 ECB. I was excited to get all that for $4.29.