Friday, December 19, 2008

Diapers and Soda

It never fails, we always run out of diapers the day before pay day. I knew we put Trevor to bed in the last diaper so I had to get up before he did to go get more. While I was there I grabbed some soda. It is on sale this week 4/$12 and get a 5th free. I also had two buy 3 get $2 off coupons from Food City to use on top of the sale. Transaction 6 12pk Soda (Reg. $5.29, Sale $3 -$3 for free one – 2 $2 Food City Q’s = $11/6 pks ) Huggies Diapers (Reg. $22.99, Sale $20.99 - $3 Huggies promo - $1.50 Shortcut Q - $1.50Q = $14.99) I ended up spending $29.69 and saving $26.45 which was 48%. Now if I could only get this kid potty trained before his brother is born.

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