Sunday, January 18, 2009

CVS Trip January 18th

I realized today that I had ECB’s that were going to expire in two days. I can’t have that happening so I took advantage of nap time and headed over to CVS. We don’t need anything so I looked for items that were free or cheap so I could roll my ECB’s. Of course I was side tracked by the 90% off Christmas stuff. Clearance is my weakness. I broke my trip up into several transaction to pay the least amount out of pocket. Transaction #1 NasoGel Nose Spray (Reg. $7.99, Earn $7.99 ECB) Box of Christmas Cards (Reg. $9.99, Sale $.99) I paid $8.98 in ECB’s and earned $7.99 ECB. Transaction #2 2 CVS Allergy Medicine (Reg. $4.29, Sale $3.79, Earn $3.79 ECB’s) Paid using $7.58 ECB’s and earned $7.58. Transaction #3 Holiday Message Plaque (Reg. $1.99, Sale $.19) 5 Popup tape (Reg. $1.99, Sale $.19 - $1/2Q (lowered to .95) = FREE) 2 rolls wrapping paper (Reg. $5.99, Sale .59) 3 gift tags (Reg. $2.99, Sale .29) Wrapping paper (Reg. $3.99, Sale .39) Tissue paper (Reg. $1.29, Sale .13) NasoGel nose spray (Reg. $7.99, Earn $7.99 ECB) I used $10.17 ECB’s and paid .71 OOP. I earned back $7.99 ECB’s. Transaction #4 SoyJoy 6 pk (Reg. $7.49, Sale $6, Earn $6 ECB’s) Love Dice (Reg. $.99—This is a filler item that I used so I wouldn’t lose any ECB’s) I paid using $6.99 ECB’s and earned $6 ECB’s. Transaction #5 SoyJoy 6 pk (Reg. $7.49, Sale $6, Earn $6 ECB’s) I paid using $6 ECB’s and earned back $6 ECB’s. I started out with $21.06 in ECB’s and ended up with $16.49. Sadly I lost $4.57 in ECB’s. Looking over my receipts I would have spent $88.11 had I paid for these items full price.

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