Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fry's Trip February 18th

After planning my meals for the week I realized there isn’t much I needed. I went to the store with a list of less than 10 items. I was super excited when the bakery employee walked by with the discounted bakery goods. Since I wasn’t buying much I decided to stock up. I love having lots of bread products in the freezer. Transaction 2 loaves grain bread (Sale $1) Coney Buns (Sale $.99) Cinnamon Rolls (Sale $1.49) Fry’s Eggs (Reg $1.79 – Fry’s coupon= FREE) 1 loaf Marble Bread (Sale $1.29) 4 half gallons milk (Reg. $2.59, Sale $.88) Bagels (Sale $1.29) Kroger Freezer Bags (Reg. $2.49, Sale $1.89) Blue Bonnet Margarine (Reg. $1.49, Sale $.99) Kroger Biscuits (Reg. $1.79, Sale $1.34 - $1Q = .34) Shephards Bread (Sale $1.29) Lettuce (Reg. $1.29) Buitoni Marinara Sauce (Reg. $4.29, Sale $3 - $1Q = $2) Buitoni Pasta (Reg. $4.29, Sale $3 - $1Q = $2) Green Onions (Reg. $.69) Roma Tomatoes (Reg. $.94) The discounted bread items didn’t ring up with their regular price and then sale price so my savings % is off but they were all at least 50% off. I had a $3.50 CRT from the fruit snack deal a few weeks ago that I used. I ended up paying $18.67 and saving $19.66 (not including the bakery savings) which was 51%. I may go later in the week and pick up some meat that is on sale. Otherwise this is all we need. I love cheap and easy shopping weeks.

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