Friday, June 5, 2009

Fry's Trip June 5th

I didn’t do much shopping last week so this week I did a big shop. Not so much a lot of items but a lot more then I normally spend. I went to both Fry’s and Safeway. I found a bunch of new recipes I wanted to try and was missing items for all so had to buy several items that were not on sale. I seem to have a lot less time now that I have two kids so I am just going to jot down the best deals from now on. Transaction Seattle’s Best Coffee (Reg. $8.99, Sale $5.99 - $1.50Q = $4.49) Knorr Pasta (Reg. $1.79, Sale $.88 - .75 cell fire - .75/2 doubled to $1/2 = .01/2) Thomas English Muffins (Reg. $3.89, Sale $2 - $1Q = $1) I spent $85.32 and saved $77.87 which is only 48%. I had to buy dog food (not pictured) so that always throws my savings off.

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