Friday, February 26, 2010

CVS Trip February 25th

I originally headed to CVS to use my $5 off $20 coupon to score some cheap soda but they were out of the Ear Rinse that would help push my total up to $20. So I walked around the store a bit and noticed some great clearance deals in the food isle. 2 Libby's Peas (Reg. $.99, Clearance $.25) 4 Jello (Reg. $.99, Clearance $.25) 2 Pears (Reg. $1.99, Clearance $.50) 6 Nesquik Strawberry (Reg. $2.49, Clearance $.62) 1 Handisnack cheese and crackers (Reg. $.69) The total came to $6.91. I paid using a $7 ECB and earned $1 ECB for bringing my own bag.

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