Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Reason to Stockpile

Over the years I have been asked numerous times why I stockpile.  I always say the same reason, to help my family save money.  Well yesterday a new reason came about.  One of my best friends has a co-worker who is having a rough time this year.  She does not have the money to give her kids a Christmas meal let alone a special Christmas.  Because of this, the father was threatening to take them from her so the kids wouldn't do without.  When I got the email from my friend to help her co-worker, I jumped right on it.  Not only would I be able to help out but I would also be able to teach my kids a valuable lesson in giving.

We started in by going through our toy stockpile. This is where I keep toys on hand to use as gifts for birthday parties.  Next we hit up the craft room and filled a bag with crayons, pencils, construction paper and much more.  We also gave a bag of food and toiletries.  The kids got so excited that they wanted to start giving away their own toys.  I loved seeing how willing they were to help out other kids in need.

While I don't know this family and will probably never meet them, it is nice knowing that I was able to help them out a little.  Everyone deserves to have a special Christmas.

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