Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Egg Popsicles

I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew my boys would love it.  It combines two things they love, Easter eggs and popsicles.  What could be better then that.
I started by taking two plastic Easter eggs.  I drilled three holes in the bottom.  A bigger one in the center the size of a sucker stick and two smaller ones on the sides to let air out.
 Put the two pieces of the egg together and make sure they are snapped together tightly.  I used a medicine syringe to squirt cranberry juice inside.  You can use any juice you want.  Koolaid would even work well.  Don't fill it completely, you want room for it to expand when you freeze it.
 Insert the sucker sticks into the center hole.  I used a piece of egg carton to stand them up.  Put in the freezer until frozen.
 When you are ready to eat them just warm up the top lid in your hand or under warm water so it slides off easily.  When you have eaten down to the bottom section of egg you can just slide it off to get to the rest.

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