Sunday, July 6, 2008

CVS Trip July 6th

I headed out to CVS this morning to get some Olay products that are on sale. Sadly when the cashier gave me my total he hadn’t pushed the correct key. So when I handed over my ECB my total went way over. So I had to quickly add a couple of things otherwise I would have lost almost $4 in ECB’s. After all the confusion this is what I ended up with.


Gillette 2 in 1 body wash-- $3.99
2 CVS panty liners-- .99 each
1 Olay ribbons body wash-- $5.99
2 Olay Regenerist face scrubs-- $5.99
1 Olay Regenerist cloth cleaners--$5.99
1 CVS makeup remover cloths-- $2.99
2 Post Honey Bunches of Oats--$4.29 each—b1g1 free
1 CVS paper towels 3 pk--$1.99
2 pkgs mini pretzels-- .69 each

Coupons Used

$1 off Gillette body wash
$1 off pretzels
$1 off paper towels
$2 off Olay ribbons
$2 off cvs face purchase
$3 off any face product
3 $3 off Regenerist products
$3.79 off Honey Bunches of Oats

I paid $17.99 in ECB’s and .60 oop.
I got back $10 ECB’s for purchasing $20 in Olay products, $1.98 for panty liners, $1 for the CVS facial cleaner wipes and $1 for my spring spending.

So I ended up paying $4.61 for $55.68 worth of stuff.

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