Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fry's Trip July 3rd

I ran to the store to finish the rest of my shopping for the week. It was a nice quick trip.


2 bags Fry’s chips--$1.00 each
2 ½ gallon milk-- .77 each
2 cans green beans-- .77 each
Starbucks Truffle chocolates-- .99
Hot dog buns-- $1.39
5 boxes Jiffy corn bread mix-- .44 each
4 ears corn on the cob--$2.00
Kroger veggie dip-- $1.00
2 Kroger sour cream--$1.00 each
Popsicles-- .77
2 pkgs chicken—b1g1 free--$7.73
Dole salad-- .77
Breyers Ice cream--$1.99
Celery-- $1.99
French Fried Onions-- $2.39
Green Onions-- .79
Peaches-- $1.23

Coupons Used

.50 off French fried onions—doubled to $1.00
.75 off Dole salad—doubled to match price of .77
$1.50 off Starbucks chocolates
.25 off for bring your own bags

As you can see I didn’t have many coupons today. I ended up spending $29.81 and saving $34.03 with coupons and sales.

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