Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter Mantel

I decided to decorate our mantel for Easter this year with only using things I had around the house. It turned out okay but I think next year I will leave the black family sign out. It is too dark with the other items.
I used a few glass vases I had and filled a couple with clear Easter grass and plastic eggs. The other two I filled with assorted plastic eggs only. I added a couple stuffed bunnies, a stuffed Easter egg and some green candles in the back. I had a single cloth napkin I found on clearance last year so I folded it and placed it in the middle. The green bunny egg holder I made and will be showing you how to do that in a couple of days. I added a glass jar I had that was filled with rocks, two Pine Cone Bunnies my boys made and an Easter sign. I finished it off with a bunny serving dish.

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