Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pine Cone Bunnies

My oldest son loves holidays. I mean LOOOOVVVEES holidays. When I told him we were making pine cone bunnies he wanted to make them right that second. Problem was, we had to find the pine cones. After a few walks around the neighborhood we finally found some that would work for our project.
What you will need:
pine cones
googly eyes
pipe cleaners
pom poms
card stock or construction paper-white and pink
hot glue gun

Start by cutting out the card stock for the ears and teeth. Use glue to attach pink inner ear to the white outer. Cut out felt for the feet. I attached mine to some foam to help it stand better. Use hot glue to attach the whiskers, pom pom nose and teeth. Glue on the eyes, ears and tail. Attach to the feet and use a black marker to draw some "toes".

My 5 year old was able to help with a lot of it but my 2 year old pretty much just threw the supplies on the floor so I had to pick them up a million times. They both really love the bunnies though and are very proud of them.

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