Thursday, November 10, 2011

Leaf Turkey

My boys and I went for a walk today and collected some leaves that had fallen from the trees.  We saw a craft somewhere (not sure where) that was similar and wanted to make one of our own.  We live in a newer neighborhood with small trees so the leaves aren't as nice as I had hoped but they worked just fine.
 You will need construction paper (white, brown, orange and red), googly eyes, yellow pipe cleaner, leaves, scissors, glue and two circles to trace around.
 Start by tracing around the circles and cut them out.  One will be the body and one the head.
 On the small circle glue on the googly eyes, a beak and a waddle.  My son glued his a little lower then it was supposed to be.
 Glue the leaves to the white construction paper.
 Glue on the big body circle.
Attach the small head circle then use the yellow pipe cleaners to make feet.
My boys really enjoyed this project.  My 5 year old did most of it himself and the two year old helped with all the gluing.

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