Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cardboard Box Cars

My boys Awana group is having "Drive-In" movie night tonight.  We were instructed to make a car out of a cardboard box that they could sit and watch the movie in.  Luckily we still had two moving boxes laying around that we could use for the project.  We stared out by looking up some ideas online.  The boys each picked out a car that they liked and we used the ideas as a starting off point.  From there we decorated based on things the boys like. 
 My youngest son chose a jeep type design.  He helped me paint it blue which is his favorite color this week.

 My oldest son is really into bats and anything Halloween.  He helped me design the symbol we used on the front and the headlights.  He loves flames so we added some to the side.  When I was finished I realized we forgot wheels.  Unfortunately I put the flames where the back wheels should go so I had to make up a way to add wheels in the correct spot but still have the flames visible.  I decided to use a straw and make them stick out a bit.
The boys love them and can't wait to use the m tonight.

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