Friday, October 12, 2012

Indoor Halloween Decorations

One holiday that my family likes to decorate for is Halloween.  We like it so much we actually put up our indoor decorations on September 16th.  I know it is early but I couldn't hold my six year old off any longer.  He loves to decorate his room and looks for items at yard sales during the summer.  He has them stored in his own tubs and knows exactly what is in each one.  It is fun to see where he puts all the decorations each year.  He has quite an imagination.
A lot of my decorations have come from Michael's craft store and yard sales.  I try to change things a bit each year to make it more interesting.  Here a a few pics from some of the areas in my living and dining room.
This area is set up to look like a witch's potion area.  I had more spiders and webs up by my cat keeps trying to eat the spiders.

 I kept my mantel fairly simple with just a couple houses and stacks of books.

 Our pirate skeleton

 Cowboy skeleton
 I found the glassware at a thrift store and added a few spooky things.

Sorry the pictures aren't the best.  I hope it gives you some ideas of things you could easily do around your own house.

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