Saturday, June 28, 2008

Albertson's Trip June 28th

I heard they were having good deals at Albertsons this week so I decided to go check it out. I had everything planned down to the penny and matched up with my coupons. Wouldn't you know that they would be out of several of the things I wanted and really needed. This left me scrambling to find things to add so I could get the deal. You had to buy 10 of the listed items and you got $5 off your purchase. You could only do 2 deals per transaction so I had my husband do one and I did the other. He isn't familiar with coupons so I did my best to make his easy. Of course...that is the one that was messed up.

Transaction #1

2 Kraft mayo--$2.50 each
planter's peanuts--$2.50
18 count eggs--$2.00
French's spicy brown mustard--$1.00
Cool whip in a can--$2.00
A1 steak marinade--$2.00
cream cheese--$1.50

Coupons Used

$5 off from the Albertsons deal
$3 for the planter's peanuts
.30 off the mustard
$1.00 off A1 marinade

This transaction total was $8.96 and I saved $24.80 with sales and coupons.

Transaction #2

Cheerios snack mix--$2.00
Betty Crocker brownie mix--$2.00
4 suddenly salad's--$1.00 each
Bull's eye BBQ sauce--$1.50
planter's peanuts--$2.50
French's mustard--$1.00
2 strawberry flavored cool whip's--$1.00 each
2 cool whips in a can--$2.00 each
pinto beans--$1.00
Vlasic relish--$1.00
2 A1 steak marinades--$2.00 each
2 pkgs Kraft cheese--$2.00 each
5 lb bag potatoes--$3.99
1 lb strawberries--.99

Coupons Used

2 $5 off for the Albertson's deal
$3 off planters
$1 off cheerios snacks
2 .50 off suddenly salad
.75 off bulls eye BBQ sauce
$1 off cool whip in a can
.30 off French's mustard
.40 off Betty Crocker brownie mix
2 $1 off a1 marinade
$1/2 Kraft cheese

For this transaction I spent $15.03 and saved $51.45 with sales and coupons. I really wanted to stock up on olives but they were out so I had to add 5 things I didn't plan on adding.

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