Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fry's Trip June 26th

There wasn’t a whole lot on sale at Fry’s this week that I needed. I just stopped in to get a couple things that I needed and I will do the rest of my shopping at Albertson’s this weekend.


2 3lb bags of Kroger chicken tenders—on sale for $4.99
1 jug Fry’s apple juice--$1.88
1 bottle of Powerade--.79
1 dozen eggs
1 bag chocolate chips--$1.12
1 bag powdered sugar--$1.99
1 bag shredded cheese--$1.64
$19.50 bottle corn syrup--$2.29
1 Minute Maid lemonade-- .99
1 block cheese--$1.64

Coupons Use

.40 off Kroger eggs
.75 off of powerade—fry’s doubles so they added the extra .04 to make the Powerade free
.45 off Kroger cheese

Not the best shopping trip ever but the things I needed weren’t on sale. My total was $22.12 and I saved $19.50 with sales and coupons.

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