Monday, June 2, 2008

CVS June 1st

Today was a great day at CVS. I went to two stores and did one transaction each. I first went to the store over by our church. I was going to do two transactions there but my son was crabby so I just did one.

First Transaction

4 6 oz solid white tuna 66 cents each
1 Listerine Smart Rinse Mouthwash $3.49
1 Brut Deoderant $2.89
2 Huggies Bath wash $3.49 each

used a $3 off $15 coupon
1 $1 off listerine mouthwash
2 $1 off huggies bath & body
$9 ECB--Extra Care Bucks

and paid $1.11 on a gift card that I had from returning an item.

I earned $3.49, $4, and $3 ecb.

So I earned 38 cents extra in ECB's.

My second transaction I did at the CVS by my house.

1 Contour monitor $30 (used this to increase my amount to $50. Will send it to my grandma)
1 8 roll pkg Bounty paper towels $5.99
3 9 roll charmin TP $4.99 each

coupons use
$10 off $50
$30 contour monitor
.25 cents off bounty
.25 cents off charmin

used $10 ECB
paid 54 cents oop

Earned $10 ECB's for the bounty, charmin deal--buy $20 get $10 ecb.

Pretty successful day. Between the two trips I spent 16 cents and got all that stuff. Plus the monitor has a mail in rebate for $30.

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