Friday, November 16, 2012

10 Days til Thanksgiving- Day 4

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is less then a week away?  This year has just flown by.  I am still trying to decide whether I want to spend the time cooking a huge Thanksgiving meal or just ordering one from the store.  I love cooking the meal but wondering if the time it takes to make it is worth the effort.  Hmmm, guess I better hurry and decide.  I may not be prepared for the actual Thanksgiving feast but at least I am having a good time doing some fun crafts with my boys.  It has become a good time to talk about Thanksgiving and gets them to show interest and ask question. 
We started our craft time by doing a simple color page I printed from the Internet.  I like to have them start by coloring so I have time to get the other crafts ready.
 I found this Kool-Aid Pumpkins crafts here.  I wasn't sure how it would turn out but had all the supplies so decided to give it a shot.  The boys enjoyed it and after several washings still have red fingers from touching the Kool-Aid.
Start out by putting plastic report covers down.  Spray them with spray starch and sprinkle Kool-Aid all over the starch. 
 Once the Kool-Aid is sprinkled use a white piece of card stock and lay it over the Kool-Aid. Rub it gently to get the Kool-Aid to stick.  Peel it off and let it dry.
 Once the paper is dry, draw a picture and cut it out.

While we waited for the starch/Kool-Aid to dry we decided to have a snack.  I saw these teepees on the Internet somewhere and thought the boys would love it. 
We dipped the bottom of the teepee in some melted chocolate and then into some sprinkles. I cut the tip off the cones and used some more chocolate to stick the pretzels to the top.   
We will be back tomorrow with Day 5 of our Thanksgiving countdown.


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