Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Mantel

I just realized I have not shared my Thanksgiving mantel.  One of my favorite things about holidays is decorating the mantel.  I try to change it a bit each year so it looks new.  This mantel cost me $2.  The rest I have received free, been given or had for many years.
 The glass jar on the end I have had for a couple years.  I use for almost every holiday.  I bought it at Michael's craft store with a 50% off coupon.  The little pumpkins were given to me.  The shiny orange pumpkin I got free at a yard sale.  The scarecrow I received free from my old CVS store in Arizona.  They were taking them down and were going to throw them away and gave them to me since I was there.  Right place at the right time.  The black plaques with all the circles are usually up on my mantel so I just left them there.  I got them at a yard sale.
I found the Autumn sign at a yard sale this summer for $2. 
 The big pumpkin I got at a yard sale for free and the flower pens were a gift from a friend.  I thought the colors went well with my fall decor.
Did you decorate your mantel for Thanksgiving?

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jensenbean said...

Just this year I started decorating our mantel for Thanksgiving. I can't wait to add to it every year. I just switched it over to Christmas and spent less than $15 to do it. I bought some artificial poinsettas, gold glitter berry bunches, and a yard of Christmas fabric at Walmart and I already had some Christmas candles. My dad and his fiance gave me a pretty gold star decoration that looks great on the mantel as well. And Annie hooked me up with some pine cones from her yard. Our elf "Tu" hangs out on the mantel from time to time :-)