Monday, November 5, 2012

Dried Leaf Craft

My oldest son is on track break the month of November which basically leaves us a lot of time to do some fun crafts.  I saw this idea in Family Fun magazine and thought my boys would love it.  We started out by going to the park and picking up some dried leaves.  This was our favorite part of the project.  Gave us an opportunity to go play at the park and take advantage of the nice fall weather.
Start out with some construction or stock paper, pencil, glue and dried leaves.
 Draw a picture that is fairly big and not too detailed.  We did a simple leaf and pumpkin.
Trace over your lines with glue.  Make sure you have a decent amount so the leaves have something to stick to. 
 For this part we took the leaves in our hands and crushed them up over the paper.  When the glue areas were entirely covered we dumped the extra leaves off into the trash.  Let your picture dry before hanging.
This was a pretty simple project but a little messy with crushed leaves all over the floor.  My boys liked the idea of it but had a hard time crushing the leaves up because they were still a little wet.  It would work better with extremely dry brittle leaves.
Have fun playing in the leaves and don't forget to throw in some fun crafts with the supplies nature gives up.

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