Saturday, December 1, 2012

Breakfast with Jingle the Elf

This morning we woke up to a surprise.  Our elf Jingle had made us a special breakfast.  He decorated the table and brought gifts for the boys along with a breakfast of donuts, cereal and hot cocoa.
 There was a banner hanging over the windows that said "Be Good!"
 Here is a view of the whole table. I am not sure why one of the blinds is closed and the others are open.
 Each boy had a different plate, bowl and cup set along with their gifts.  Next to each plate was a coloring book, a poster to color and a sand ornament craft.
 There was a bucket in front of each plate that had a straw, activity book, wind up toy and finger puppets.  They also found the Elf on the Shelf movie.
 The boys were excited to see the donuts and that Jingle was sitting on the table eating breakfast with us. 
What a fun surprise.  Thanks for breakfast Jingle.

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