Monday, December 24, 2012

Yarn Money Ornament

We have reached the stage where the cousins are getting old enough to want money for Christmas.  I don't mind giving money but I wanted to make it a little more special and take a little longer to open.  I have seen a lot of ideas for making monitary gifts more special but none seemed quite right.  While looking at my tree I decided to make a yarn ornament.  I had the yarn so it wouldn't require another trip to the store and is something I could do while watching TV. 
I started by folding a bunch of dollar bills.  I folded some in squares and some in rectangles.  I took one of the bills and started wrapping the yarn around it.  Once it was completely covered I added another bill and started wrapping yarn.  I did this until all the bills were covered and it made a big circle.
 To finish it off I added some ribbon and a note so he will know what to do and who it is from.
I decided not to wrap the gift.  Just had my sister in law hang it on the tree and it is ready for Christmas morning.

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