Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Family Fun Night- Cookie Cutter Pizza

My little guy and I were wandering through the grocery store and I spotted some mini pepporonis.  My first thought was, "Wow it would take forever to put those on a pizza."  Then I thought of the idea to make mini pizzas.  We love to make special shaped pizzas so I knew these would be a big hit.  We decided to have rootbeer floats for dessert.
Usually I make my own pizza sauce and dough but decided to make it easy on myself and got the jarred pizza sauce and canned dough.  They were easy and fun to make and taste really good.  You could use these for any holiday that you have a cookie cutter for.  We used Christmas cookie cutters and watched a movie afterwards.
 Once the shapes are cut out just put them on a greased cookie sheet.  I let my boys "paint" on the sauce with a sauce brush.  Then they put on the pepporoni and cheese.
 These turned out really yummy.  They were small so it was easier for my boys to pick them up and eat them.
This was a great way to get everyone involved in the making of dinner.  I think we will add it to our regular menu rotation.

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