Monday, December 10, 2012

Quick and Easy Christmas Card Holder

The other night I attended my MOPS leadership Christmas party.  We had a fun night of eating and crafting from things that were found on Pinterest.  One of my friends brought this fun and simple Christmas Card Holder for us to make.  I love that you can add extra holders depending on how many cards you receive.
 You will need:
thick ribbon
clothes pins
various buttons including a large one
thinner ribbon
hot glue gun
 Start by cutting the thick ribbon to the length you want.  The more cards you receive the longer you will want it to be.  Hot glue the buttons to the clothes pins.  Use as many as you think you may need.
 Glue the big button to the top of the ribbon.  I also added a smaller button to the middle to add more color.  Attach the thinner ribbon to the back with glue to make a loop to hang it with.
Now it is ready to hang and add your cards.
We made ours so they hang vertical but it would also be cute hung horizontal.  You can add big buttons and loops to each end.
I can't wait to display my cards on this super cute holder.

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