Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crafting with your Kids: Flag

Last year I came across this craft and made a note of it knowing my boys would love it.  They love anything messy and paint on their hands and feet was a big hit. 
I started with my 2 year olds right foot and painted some red paint on the bottom with a brush. I had him make three lines going from right to left. Then I painted my 5 year olds left foot and had him make two lines going from left to right. He took a bigger step then I would have liked but he was proud of it so I left it that way.

I then painted a blue rectangle in the corner and let the paint dry.  The next day we did hand prints with white paint to represent stars. 
We have this hanging in out playroom for 4th of July.  My 5 year old likes it so much that he has already asked to have it hung in his room after the holiday is over.

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