Monday, June 20, 2011

Mirrored Shelf Redo

I recently found this mirror shelf (for lack of a better word) at a yard sale.  I had been looking for something to hang on the wall in our entry way and this seemed like the perfect fit.  Only problem, it was brown and scratched up.  With a few coats of paint, it’s a whole new piece.

I was able to get this shelf for $1. The mirror was extremely dirty and the picture areas were blank except one had a greeting card in it.

I started out by removing the hooks at the bottom and taking out the mirror and picture frames. I lightly sanded it so the paint would stick.

I sprayed on two or three coats of Valspar primer.

Once the primer was dry I sprayed on 3 coats of Valspar gloss black paint.  I let it dry for a couple days and reinstalled the hooks and mirror.  I printed off some pictures of my boys in black in white to add to the picture frame areas.  I want to replace them often so I just printed them out on my printer.

I just love the way it turned out.   As an added bonus, I have additional space to display holiday decorations.

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