Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Crafting with your Kids: Watermelon Plates

Happy National Watermelon Day!
In honor of Watermelon Day my boys and I made a watermelon craft.  It was very easy and we had all the supplies on hand.

You will need:
black & red construction paper
paper plate
green crayon
something small to trace around- I used a small glass bowl
Start by coloring the edge of the paper plate with the green crayon.  This will be the rind.
While the kids are coloring, trace around the glass bowl.  The circle should fit in the center of the paper plate. 
 Cut out the circle.  This is a great project if your kids are learning to cut.
 Put glue on the back of the red circle and stick to the center of the paper plate.
 Cut out small black "seeds" and glue to the red paper.
After the glue was dry my boys used these as play food in their kitchen.

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