Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

This past weekend was a huge community garage sale with over 200 yard sales.  It was a lot of fun but super crazy with the swarms of people.  Parking was difficult.  We had to park and walk around to several yard sales in fear we might not find another parking spot. 
I took my 5 year old with me as he is always begging to go.  He took his little baggie of money and was so excited to be there with me.  I was so proud how he would go up and ask the price and then give them the money.  His favorite purchase was the cat scratching thing that he paid $.50 for.  He ran straight in the house when we got home to show it to his cat, Cheeto.
 As you can tell by the items purchase, my son bought far more then I did.  He actually got all the sand toys, the little pirate hat and a couple other things for free.  He is really into Halloween and skulls so he is always on the lookout for them.
 Total we spent about $14.  We only hit 15 yard sales before getting tired and heading home but it was a fun morning and I really enjoyed spending it with my son.

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