Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to freeze watermelon

Tomorrow is National Watermelon Day.  To celebrate I will be sharing a Watermelon Frosty recipe and instructions on how to freeze watermelon.  Tomorrow I will share a watermelon craft that my kids made.
 Take a watermelon and cut it in half. 
 Cut each half into 8 sections.  This makes it easier to cut so you don't get the rind.
 Once the melon is cut away from the rind, cut it into "sticks" and then into chunks.  Put them on a cookie sheet and freeze.  This keeps them from sticking together in the baggie.
 Once the watermelon chunks are frozen, place them in a big freezer bag labeled with the date.  Place a straw in the end and seal up the bag around it.  Suck the air out of the bag through the straw then pull the straw out and seal the rest of the bag.  This allows you to get as much air out as possible.
 Now you have frozen watermelon chunks that are ready to be added to smoothies, frosties or eaten as is.
Now is a great time to freeze watermelon.  They are at the lowest price of the season and taste sweet and yummy.

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Adriana said...

Is the watermelon still good if it defrosts? or do you have to eat it frozen?