Tuesday, August 23, 2011

When a meal doesn't turn out as planned

Last week I purchased a couple of cookbooks.  I have been reading them and marking all the recipes I thought would be a hit with my family.  One recipe stuck out to me and sounded really good.  I was so excited the make it that I had it the next day.

All day I smelled the yummy dinner cooking away in the slow cooker.  When it was time for dinner I couldn't dish it up fast enough.  One of the down falls of a slow cooker is the torture of smelling it all day while it cooks.  :)

We all sat down to eat, prayed and took a bite.  Instantly we all looked up from our food.  I stood up and said "Get your shoes on, we're going out to dinner." 

Just because something sounds good, has all the ingredients in the dish that you love and smells great....does not mean it tastes great.

Hope you are having a great Tuesday and have a successful dinner.

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