Monday, August 22, 2011

Initial Collage Painting

 A few weeks ago I saw this project on a linky party.  I wish I would have made note of the blog I saw it on.  If it is yours please let me know.  Anyway, I liked it instantly.  I have always enjoyed making collages so this was a fun project. 
 I started out by getting a canvas.  I cut out several colorful pictures from magazines.  Sadly the only magazine in our house was ESPN so a lot of them are sports related but I still love all the colors.
Next I laid them on the canvas to figure out how I wanted them to go.  I then took them off, painted the canvas with Mod Podge and placed them back on.  I smoothed them out as much as I could and got the air bubbles out.  I then let it dry over night.
 The canvas I chose just happened to be the same size as the scrapbook paper I had so I used my Cricut and cut out a letter A with the fit to page option.  This allows the Cricut to cut out  the biggest letter that will fit on the page.
 I then placed the letter on the canvas where I wanted it to go.  Some how when I started painting it I moved it down so it isn't as centered as I would like but it still looks great.
I painted three coats of paint.  The first is a vanilla color.  Then I used a dark blue mixed with the vanilla to make a light blue.  I then used the dark blue mixed with a bit of water to make it streaky.  I love how the color turned out and you can see the different layers of color.
I love having lots of brightly colored art in my house and this piece definitely fits the bill.  I love how easy it was to make and how you can see different parts of the collage showing throw.

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