Friday, January 20, 2012

Family Fun Night- Snowman

My son came home with a family craft project so decided to turn it into our next family fun night.  His craft was to make a snowman using items found around the house so I made a "snowman" dinner.
We started out with pizza.  The hat, eyes and mouth are olives, nose is a carrot, scarf and buttons are pepperoni.
 We also had snowman fruit kabobs.  The hat is apple and mandarin orange, body is banana, eyes and buttons are mini chocolate chips, nose is candy corn and arms are pretzels.
 After dinner we made the snowman craft project.  We had a great time hunting around the house for items to use and see what kind of snowman we could come up with.
Family Fun Nights take a bit of work but they are worth the extra effort, we all really enjoy them.

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