Friday, January 13, 2012

Family Fun Night- Treasure Hunt Dinner

For our recent family fun night we had a treasure hunt dinner.  It took a little thought to put it all together but was well worth it.  It gave us a chance to slow down and spend some valuable time together as a family.  I was so wrapped up in the evening that I even forgot to take pictures.

I started by choosing 5 places in the house that would be good for us to eat a portion of our meal and also do a fun activity.  I chose each of my boys rooms, the master shower, the playroom and in front of the fireplace.  I then chose a food that would be easy to eat in that spot and an activity.  I decided on a meal that was not only easy to make but easy to have ready when we moved to our next location.  We had fruit kabobs, deviled eggs, bread sticks, pizza and Oreos.

I came up with 5 clues that would lead us to the next location and gave them to my husband to read.  After hiding the activity in the different locations we were ready to start.

Clue #1
Go to the smallest bed in the house.
This led us to my 2 year olds room.  In there, we found the fruit kabobs and some Christmas coloring pages.

Clue #2
Go to where mom and dad keep their shampoo.
We found ourselves in the master shower.  All four of us stood in the shower eating deviled eggs and playing a game of Go Fish.

Clue #3
Go to where you can spend the night but also blast off into space.
We arrived at my son's spaceship tent in the playroom.  We found bread sticks and ornament kits for us to make.

Clue #4
Go to where Dorothy lives (our fish).
When we arrived in my son's room we found a pizza and my son's Christmas tree homework.  We decorated a paper Christmas tree with buttons, feathers and gems.

Clue #5 
Go to the warmest place in the house.
In front of the fireplace we found a package of Oreos and the game, Sorry.

It took us about an hour and a half to finish our dinner.  We had so much fun laughing, eating and enjoying each others company.  There were no phones, TVs or computers interrupting our family time.  I have to say it was one of our best dinners yet.  The boys asked if we could do it again soon.  Might be something we have to start doing around every holiday.

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