Sunday, January 9, 2011

Menu Plan- January 9th - 15th

I spent several nap times last week organizing my recipe binder. I had pages and pages of recipes I had printed off just sitting loosely in my binder. I went through all the loose recipes as well as the recipes I had previously organized and got rid of the ones that we either didn't like or that no longer sounded good. I also flipped through my Cooking Light magazines and tore out the recipes I wanted to try. I am so glad I spent the time to get my binder organized. It made planning the weekly menu much easier. Breakfasts: Apple Cider Donuts Egg in the Hole and fruit Cereal Blueberry Muffins French Toast and fruit Oatmeal and bananas Pancakes and bacon Lunch: Chicken Salad Sliders, cottage cheese, fruit and chips Left Overs Sandwiches and fruit salad Hot Dogs and fruit Eat Out Dinner: Mac Chicken Cacciatore and salad Buffalo Chicken Wraps and fries Teriyaki Burgers and fruit salad Chicken Cordon Blue, baked potatoes and veggies Ranger Beans, Corn Bread and salad Left Overs

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