Sunday, January 2, 2011

Walgreens Trip January 2nd

I decided to take a couple week break from coupon shopping so I could enjoy the holiday. I used up all my register rewards before hand so they wouldn't expire while I was on my break.
Since I started out my shopping trip today with zero register rewards I broke my trip up into two transactions to help keep my out of pocket cost down.
Transaction #1
Finish Powerball Tabs (Reg. $5.49, Sale $3.49 - $2.25 Q = $1.24)
This brought my total down to $1.24 + .27 tax, final price $1.51.
After I paid a $1.50 RR printed out.
Transaction #2
Oscillococcinum Flu medicine (Sale $8.99 - $2Q = $6.99)
Used a clearance Christmas pencil as filler (Clearance $.12)
This brought my total to $7.11 + .70 tax, final price $7.81.
I paid with the $1.50 RR from transaction #1 & $6.31 OOP.
After I paid a $9 RR printed out.

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