Monday, January 24, 2011

Wooden Hearts

While looking around the house for things I could use to decorate for Valentine's Day I came across a bag of wooden hearts. I instantly knew I wanted to paint them and use them to decorate my downstairs bathroom. I wish I had a few more of them to fill the rest of the vase. Maybe I will find some on clearance after Valentine's Day to use next year.
I started out by laying the hearts out on a piece of wax paper and separating them by size. I had red, pink and white paint to use so I divided them into three groups. I decided to paint most of them red with just a few white and pink. I painted the edges and one side, let them dry, then painted the other side.
After they were dry I put them randomly in a vase. It was hard to get them to lay the way I had envisioned. They wanted to stack up on top of each other. It took several attempts but I finally got them to look half way decent. I think I could spend all day rearranging them if I let myself.

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