Thursday, January 20, 2011

Smith's Trip January 19th

A couple days ago my husband and I talked about stocking up on tortillas the next time they went on sale. We have a lot of recipes that require tortillas that we pass over because we don't have them on hand. To my surprise the very next day they went on sale. I got so excited that I rushed out that morning to stock up. My car smelled so good with all those tortillas in the back.
Total Spent $23.18
Total Saved $60.84
Percentage Saved: 72%
20 pkgs tortillas (Reg. $2.19, Sale $1)
gift photo clip (Reg. $2.50, clearance $.25)
Noel frame (Reg. $9.00, clearance $.90)
5 ornaments (Reg. $1.99, clearance $.20)
2 clear gift wrap (Reg. $3.99, clearance $.40)

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