Wednesday, January 5, 2011

TV Pillow

Growing up we always had a huge pillow that we would lie on and watch TV. My brother and I would jump on it, wrestle on it, have pillow fights with it and sleep on it. It was the most used pillow in our house. I wanted to make a smaller version for each of my boys for Christmas. That way they could have their own special TV Pillow and wouldn't fight over it. Hopefully!!
Since I am just learning to sew I asked my mom to help me out on this project.
We started by making a pillow out of white material. We made ours 42" X 31 1/2" although you can make it whatever size you want. We filled the pillow with batting and sewed it up. You want to make sure you really stuff it full of batting as it will flatten down as you lie on it. We then made covers for the pillow so we can take them off and wash them or switch them out when the boys want. We did a Christmas print and then a print that matches each boys taste. The boys were really excited when they saw their pillows. They have been a big hit at my house and I hope they are around for years to come.

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karens said...

Jen, Love the pillows!! Good luck with your sewing! I think you will love it!