Friday, January 21, 2011

Michaels Trip January 21st

I needed some glitter to finish up a project I am working on so my boys and I headed over to Michaels craft store. This is one of our favorite stores and we go there often..way too often. I was very excited to see them marking down the leftover Christmas merchandise to 90%. They told me the Christmas items would be marked down to 90% until Sunday and then they are going to get rid of it all. So if there is something you need, you better get there before Sunday.
Total Spent $16.37
Total Saved $75.21
Bead Berry Wreath (Reg. $14.99, clearance $1.49)
Clear jumbo gems (Reg. $2.49, Sale $1)
Snowman Wreath Hanger (Reg. $6.99, clearance $.69)
3 Glitter Picks (Reg. $3.99, clearance $.39)
Frame (Reg. 19.99, clearance $1.99)
snowman pick (Reg. $1.99, clearance $.19)
Glitter (Reg. $1.49)
2 foam Gingerbread houses (Reg. $7.99, clearance $.79)
2 snowman splat balls-for the stockings next year (Reg. $1.00, clearance $.10)
Peanuts Valentine's flag (Reg. $6.99 - 40% Michaels Q = $4.19)
2 suckers-not pictured (Reg. $.39)
2 Christmas Eye Grow plants (Reg. $2.40, clearance $.24)

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