Monday, July 11, 2011

Adirondack Chair redo

A couple months ago I was at a yard sale and came upon two wooden Adirondack chairs.  I have wanted a set for quite some time but would never pay retail price for them.  When I saw these chairs I knew I had to have them...until I saw the price, $15 a piece was too much for me.  The chairs needed lots of work.  They were wobbly and the red paint was peeling off everywhere.  So I decided to pass.
 As I continued on to other yard sales I couldn't get the chairs out of my mind. After an hour or so I decided to go back and offer $15 for both. To my surprise, the owner had marked them down to $3 each. Now that was a price I could pay.  They even helped me load them up.

  When I got them home I quickly learned how much work they would be. My husband and I sanded as much of the red paint off as we could and put several screws in to make them sturdy. We sprayed them with a few coats of primer and them painted them turquoise.

I love my new chairs.  They are really comfortable to sit in and the cheery color makes me smile. I paid $6 for the chairs and spent about $15 in supplies.  Now those are some thrifty chairs.


Katie said...

I love these! What an awesome find! I redid my adirondack chairs in almost the same color! Don't you love how they brighten up the porch?! I smile every time I drive up to my house! Great job!

Christy said...

haha, I totally just painted my chairs almost the same color as well. :) What a steal you got. Hopping over from a linky party. Have a wonderful Day.