Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crafting with your Kids: Critter Crack-Up

My friend sent me this idea that she found here.  She knew my little guy would love it and right she was.  As soon as I pulled the frozen tub out he got super excited.  I couldn't get it outside fast enough.  This is a very thrifty and easy project to do with your little ones.
 You will need:
a tub to freeze the animals in
an assortment of toys that can get wet
goggles-we didn't use these but there were a lot of ice chunks flying so it might be safer to use some.
 Pick out an assortment of toys and scatter them around in the tub.  Put enough water in to cover the critters and place in freezer until frozen.
 When the water is frozen pull it out and place in an area you don't mind getting wet.  We did ours outside on the deck.  Let your child break up the ice with the hammer to get the critters out.
Some of the critters came out with small ice chunks still attached.  We just laid them out to melt off.
I didn't notice until we were cracking up the ice that one of the dinosaurs is missing a head.  Looks like the dog may have gotten ahold of him.  :)

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