Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thrifty Thursday- Target Toy Clearance

Total Spent $47.12
Total Saved $123.97
One way I save money is to buy toys ahead and save them for when we are invited to birthday parties or for gifts for my own kids.  When we get an invitation I let the kids "shop" in my stockpile for the gift for their friend.  It makes it much easier to not have to rush out to the store to find a gift and we are able to give a better gift then we would normally had I paid full price.
One of my favorite places to purchase toys is at Target during their toy clearance sale.  Twice a year in January and July Target will clearance out a lot of their toys to make room for up and coming toys.  Today was the day they marked them down to 75%.
We are pretty well stocked up so I didn't pick up a whole lot but was excited to find a couple Hot Wheel tracks.  My oldest is really into Hot Wheels so I will give him one for Christmas and save the other for our gift stockpile.
If you haven't yet, rush out to Target and see if you can find some clearanced toys.  I really wanted to get Lego's but my store only has them at 30%.  I am hoping to pick some up once they are marked down a bit more.

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Claire said...

We got there as they were marking stuff down, so I got a ton of great stuff!! They had Legos at 75% off, so I got some awesome deals. Ours also had a ton of Thomas stuff, which Miles loves. Normally it's all junk when I'm there, but this time there was some great stuff!