Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

My friend and I were able to get away for a couple hours last Saturday to hit some yard sales.  I found a great yard sale with several Baby Gap items for $1/piece.  They were the perfect size for my little guy.  I also found some sweats for my big guy.
 I got a big white sheet to make my little guys Halloween costume.  He wants to be Zero from the movie "Nightmare Before Christmas.".  I also found some red and white stripped material.  I will use this to make some of the pirate hats for my oldest son's birthday party.  He has requested a pirate theme.

I also got a candle stick, two reindeer decorations, several Cars cars, finger puppets, a Sesame Street felt book, two books and a big boat.
I won't be able to go to any yard sales this week due to having family in town but I hope to be able to stop by a thrift store or two.

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