Sunday, July 10, 2011

Menu Plan- July 10th - 16th

Our visitors have all gone home so we are back to a normal week.  I haven't cooked much in the last couple weeks so I am looking forward to getting back into the kitchen.  In an effort to help straighten up the pantry, I will be planning my meals around the items we already have on hand.  Now if I can just figure out what to do with all this evaporated milk?!?

cereal/oatmeal X 2
monkey bread
eggs and toast X 2
muffins, yogurt and fruit

sandwiches, fruit and chips X 2
tacos and fruit
beanie weenies and fruit
mac n cheese and fruit
left over pizza
picnic at the beach

Taco Salad
Hot Dogs, Baked Beans and fruit
chicken, rice and veggies
won tons, rice and veggies
sausage, red kidney bean salad and fruit
hash browns, eggs and sausage

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